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We make it easy to install EV charging in condo buildings

Juggling electricians is uncoordinated, time-consuming and stressful. We make it super easy to find the right installer.


Why install EV charging in your building?

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Increase Property Value

Condos with EV charging are more desirable than those without.

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Better Tenants

EV drivers generally have a higher education and more income.


EVs are better for the environment and have a lower carbon footprint.

our approach

The biggest challenge when installing EV charging in condo buildings is trying to make the process fair and equal for all unit owners.

Without a unified strategy for the building, some property owners may be required to pay more than 10x other unit owners based on their parking stall location and the timing of their request. And since most buildings were not originally designed to support EV charging, there is simply not enough electricity for everyone to electrify their parking stall without sharing power. So by allowing some unit owners to install EV charging independently, it will prevent others from having the same opportunity in the future.

At Chargy, we make the process more fair, coordinated and cost-efficient for the entire building by dividing the project into 2 parts:

1) Shared Infrastructure

Strata provides the framework that enables all parking stalls to be electrified upon request. This includes electrical infrastructure such as meters, panels and transformers (if required), as well as conduit and wire that runs to junction boxes throughout the parking area. It is significantly cheaper to install all of the infrastructure at the same time and the cost is evenly shared among all of the property owners via common funds. In some markets, infrastructure costs are eligible for significant rebate savings (up to 50% in BC).

2) Charging Installations

Once the framework is in place, unit owners can request charging whenever they are ready. This approach maximizes fairness because everyone has equal access and everyone pays the same flat-rate price. This also means that a site visit is not required to provide a quote for each parking stall - as soon as we get the request, the permit gets pulled and the installation is scheduled, which makes the process quicker and easier.

avoid the risks

Hiring the wrong electrician can have serious consequences

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Wrong Solution

High Price

Poor Quality

Most electricians lack specialized knowledge of charging products.

The price variance on most home
projects is between $500 - $1000.

Not all electricians share the same commitment to their work.

Our process

We manage the entire project from start to finish



  • Free phone consultation
  • Complete feasibility study
  • Identify eligible rebates & incentives
  • Design charging solution
  • Provide quote



  • Present to strata council
  • Present to property owners
  • Prepare for AGM vote



  • Install shared infrastructure
  • Install charging stations upon request



  • Remotely monitor and manage network
  • Provide maintenance & repairs as needed