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$ 1,095.00 CAD

$ 1,095.00 CAD


DCC-12, manufactured by Thermolec, is an Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS) designed to allow the connection of a charger to the main feeder of the panel without affecting the load calculation. Unlike the DCC-9 and DCC-10, there is no circuit breaker inside the DCC-12 acting as the intermediary between the VE charger and the electrical panel. Ideal for the installation of chargers in single-family homes with a full electrical panel. The DCC-12 has a NEMA 3R enclosure approved for indoor and outdoor installations.


- DCC allows the connection of any EV charger to a fully loaded panel by managing the energy available at any given time, whether in a home or in a condo.

- DCC does a real-time reading of the total power consumption of a home or condo electrical panel;

- It detects when the total power consumption of the main circuit breaker exceeds 80% and temporarily de-energizes the charger.

- When DCC detects that the total power consumption of the electrical panel is less than 80% for more than 15 minutes it automatically re-energizes the charger. DCC will only allow power to be delivered to the EV charger if the total demand of the panel is below its full capacity.


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