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Install EV charging with an energy management system

Juggling electricians is uncoordinated, time-consuming and stressful. We make it super easy to find the right installer.

the problem

Since most townhouse complexes were not originally designed to support EV charging, there is simply not enough electricity for everyone to add a new circuit in their panel. In detached homes, the property will typically have an electrical service feed from the utility which powers only one unit. In townhomes, the service feed typically enters a shared electrical closet and the power is then divided between multiple units.

Why not just add more power? Unfortunately, this can be extremely expensive. This generally involves significant infrastructure upgrades, removal of roads/driveways and new wiring installed or replaced between the electrical closet(s) and each unit, which can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

the solution

Energy management products enable all units in the complex to install EV charging without expensive electrical upgrades. These products share power with an electrical panel or circuit and only turn on when there is enough capacity available. In the event that there is a spike in electricity demand (such as using an electric oven and dryer at the same time), the energy management system turns off until the capacity becomes available, then automatically turns back on again.

These products offer a practical, cost effective and safe solution that is approved by the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), as well as municipalities and governing bodies that issue electrical permits

avoid the risks

Hiring the wrong electrician can have serious consequences

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Wrong Solution

High Price

Poor Quality

Most electricians lack specialized knowledge of charging products.

The price variance on most home
projects is between $500 - $1000.

Not all electricians share the same commitment to their work.

the process



  • Request approval from strata to install EV charging



  • Free phone consultation
  • Complete site visit and load calculations
  • Identify eligible rebates & incentives
  • Design charging solution
  • Provide quote



  • Pull electrical permit
  • Install energy management system
  • Install charging station or receptacle



  • Provide maintenance & repairs as needed